'Fun with a Reasonably Priced Gun'
These are Legends Shooting Range's very own monthly competitions.
Every month these will be different formats. Different guns, different sighting systems and different target configurations.
But...... it will always be the same format for everyone - same gun or guns, same targets and against the clock.
It's free to enter as part of your normal range fee and will take part during your 1 hour range time.
The prizes for the fastest times during the calendar month will be  completely free shooting sessions for one, to be used sometime during the next calendar month.
Check out our social media pages to find out what this month's format is.

This is one of our monthly, in-house competition ranges.
This is a 2 gun stage using a pistol and a rifle.

Begin with the the pistol in the low ready 'tyro' position.
Shoot the AttackSense 'start plate' on the right hand side to start the timer, and shoot the 2 metal plates on the right hand side. Your body must be in contact with the scooter.
Place the pistol safely on the table.
Pick up the rifle, shoot the 5 metal plates and 1 bell on the left hand side, and shoot the AttackSense 'stop plate' on the left hand side to stop the timer.

Range Comp 2 gun.jpg

Another one of our ranges used for our monthly, in-house
'Fun with a Reasonably Priced Gun' competitions. 

This time the gun was an M4 rifle, the AttackSense targets light up randomly, and all you have to do is shoot them as fast as you can. 

Range - attack sense.jpg
Range - Plinking.jpg

This is our airsoft guns only 'plinking' range.

This range has recently been re-vamped, and now includes the AttackSense electronic targets.

This means that all 3 of our airsoft guns only ranges are equipped with these targets, allowing us to potentially run 3 different monthly competitions. 

Attack Sense.gif

Practical Shooting (IPSC)(IDPA)(Action Air) style dynamic/action shooting.

This is fast and accurate action shooting using various stages, scenarios, props, stationary and moving targets.

The "stages" are shot individually by the shooters. Usually the shooter must move and shoot from several positions, fire under or over obstacles and in other unfamiliar positions. There are no standard exercises or set arrangement of the targets, and the stages are often designed so that the shooter must be inventive, and therefore the solutions of exercises sometimes varies between shooters.

Usually using 6mm BBs airsoft guns for 'Action Air'. At Legends, we use 4.5mm lead BB and pellet firing guns too.


Steel Challenge (Iron Plate Action Shooting)

Fast and accurate shooting at up to 5 fixed targets against the clock.

3 gun.jpg

Multi Gun Challenge

Here we'll be using pistols, rifles, machine pistols and shotguns in a dynamic shooting challenge.


Cowboy Action Shooting, using cowboy style revolvers, rifles and shotguns.

Incorporating Cowboy Fast Draw and

Wild Bunch Cowboy Action Shooting with 1911 style pistols


Saddle up and get your cowboy alias ready. Six shooters, lever action rifles and pump action shotguns are the order of the day here.