Our armoury is full of legendary and iconic guns. All available for you to shoot in our unlimited guns policy.


S&W M&P R8 (bb)
Colt Python 6"
S&W SNR .357 
Colt Python 4" (nearly a Python)


Colt SAA Peacemaker 


Spring Guns 

Daisy Red Ryder 

Semi-automatic pistols:

Walther CP88 
Walther CP99 
Walther CP99 Compact (bb)

Makarov (Baikal - real steel) (bb)
Makarov (blowback) (bb) (x)

Beretta M92 FS 
Beretta PX4 Storm (blowback) 

Sig Sauer M17 (blowback) 

Glock 17 (blowback)

Colt 1911 (blowback) (Airsoft - bb)

Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 (blowback) (Airsoft - bb)

Cyma Hi-Capa (electric airsoft bb pistol)

Machine Guns and Machine Pistols:

IWI Mini Uzi (bb)
Heckler & Koch MP5 A4 (Airsoft - bb)
Brugger & Thomet MP9

Schmeisser MP40 (bb) (x)

Rifles & Shotguns

Kalashnikov AK47 (bb & Airsoft - bb)

Winchester Model 1894 Underlever 

M4 Carbine (Electric Airsoft - bb) x4

Thompson M1A1 submachine gun
(electric Airsoft - bb)

Remington 870 Pump Action Shotgun (Airsoft - bb) (Reserved for Multi-Gun Competition Use Only)