Per Session Fees (Older Shooters))

Range fees are £10 per hour, for access to all our ranges and targets.

If you bring your own guns and ammo, that's all it will cost.

If you'd like to shoot our guns, that's an additional £5 per hour for unlimited guns, (subject to availability).

Unlimited gas and ammo is an additional £5 per hour.

If, after the hour, the ranges are free and there's nobody waiting to use them, you can continue shooting.
If you're using our guns, gas and ammo, the only additional charge for this is £2.50 per 15 minutes.

Per Session Fees (Younger Shooters)

All younger shooters, aged 13 and below when accompanied by a full fee paying adult shooter

Range Fee is £5 per hour, unlimited gun hire is £5 per hour, unlimited gas and ammo is £5 per hour. 

Any accompanied younger shooters, aged 7 and below who would like to have a few try out shots with our airsoft guns can do so for free under very close supervision.

Monthly Fees (use the ranges as much as you like during normal opening hours) 

Standard - Range use only (own guns, gas and ammo)  £20 per month

Premium - Range use + unlimited guns + unlimited gas and ammo £40 per month

Exclusive Range Hire (available by appointment, outside normal opening hours)

* Exclusive access to all our ranges and targets.
* Unlimited access to all our guns.
* Unlimited gas and ammo

£150 for 1 hour (up to 10 shooters) (addition shooters, £10 each)
£175 for 1.5 hours (up to 10 shooters) (additional shooters, £12.50 each)
£200 for 2 hours (up to 10 shooters) (additional shooters, £15 each)